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New Update LOVINS X™Z3 ROM STABLE 2015.01.24 Bring New Features With Powerfull Audio

Hello everyone, NEW update is released. LOVINS X™Z3 ROM STABLE 2015.01.24
Changelog : · Updated All Google Apps
·Updated All Sony Apps, like an SONY MEDIA APPS, Home (Fullscreen), SystemUI etc with bug fixes from me ofcourse from SONY 
·Update Calculator to Material Design
·Free Installed 3 Themes by me and by my brother @ibanez7 also new LOGO in About phone
·ROM is available in odexed version (Also available deodex patch)
·New Sound Card : Audio Phile HiRes with Custom Qualcomm MSM8960 Audio Hardware will Increase Audio Quality in every aspect, Detail, BASS, Treble, Vocal, Clarity and Power without distortion, with higher samplerateis make TRUE stereo on Headphones/Headset, this will work on every equalizer that you have installed, as this is Sound Card and all related MSM8960 Audio Driver.
·Enable S-Forse Front Surround 3D (I think this feature is useless for our Xperia V, because Xperia V is only have one Speaker) but I want all features is enable on Xperia V, I know Earpeace can do li…