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Rizal Lovins was Recognized Developer, Recognized Themer and Recognized Contributor in xda-developers.com

Hiding behind a username Rizal Lovins, my real name is Rizal Muhajir, i am 20 years-old from Bandung - Indonesian. I was change my last name to "LOVINS (LOVe INdoneSia)" so what is Lovins? Lovins is a music band name in my family, I was the fifth child and I was the last child (all is a gentleman), the first is usually called by the name of Vie Lovins (Devi Firdaus), the second is the Gie Lovins (Nugi Nugraha), the third is ibanez7/Sandrie Satriani (Sandrie Sunardi), the fourth is Tirta Lovins (Muhammad Tirtana), and the last one is me Rizal Lovins (Rizal Muhajir).

I have many interests, from college, sports, movies, music and bikes/motorcycle. However, I have found myself in new technologies. That is something really fascinating, and inspires me to convert my ideas into an actual product, which is useful to others.

I’ve always had Sony Ericsson phones, and i considered them incomparable to other brands. However, when i saw Android smartphones, i was interested to change my phone to Android, My first Android phone was Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, and I was delighted with the design, and pretty much everything about that model. At first, i couldn’t believe how great it is. I was thrilled with number of available apps, which was a total opposite of Sony Ericsson java and Symbian.

How did I start to do all this? In short “poor camera software”, that was the thing that changed everything.

Back in the day I stumbled upon a topic for Xperia 2011 model. Until then, I mostly visited anything about modifications and camera sections, and I’ve never step foot in the Mobile section. In the topic for Xperia, there were a lot of people who knew so much about this, it was nuclear physics to me back then. People were flashing different ROMs, changing themes, installing apps mod… I was under impression “What is all this”? Then, someone posted a link to XDA Developers forum! That place was a whole new dimension of everything. I started reading XDA, gradually more and more every day. I was stunned what one can find and learn there. In the beginning, everything seemed confusing, but as the time passed, and as I began following more closely, pieces started to come together.

Roaming through XDA forums, I stumbled upon a apps mod for my model, which I liked. It was apps mod and themes, and I was very pleased with it. The only thing that bugged me, was the camera quality. Everything was great, except that. It bugged me so much, that I started digging through the app, in an effort to find location what is need to change to improve camera quality. I wanted to improve it. First time I tried it, I was unsuccessful, the damn thing just refused to change! That was the time I started reading about the process of how it should be done, and that was the first step of how I started doing this…

But now? I must admit that the feeling is fantastic. Knowing that huge amount of people are waiting on you, and that your work will be on their phones, which they use every day – it’s a beautiful thing. I even got a nickname “The Master of Indonesian Android Developer & Designer”, although I don't feel it, and always felt there is much to stage the actual developers. My camera MOD have over 2.000.000 downloads, and that gives me the energy to keep on going. When I announce a new version few days in advance, it creates amazing euphoric atmosphere, and I have to admit, it makes me a little nervous, thinking about fulfilling their expectations. However, I was successful so far.

I am well-known for sharing my work with others. You can’t say that about some individuals doing this, because when I was starting, in so many occasions I’ve hit a brick wall. I wasn’t getting answers to my questions, and in some cases, there were ones that were just rude. If you are doing a good job, and you always have new ideas, you don’t have to fear that someone will take advantage of you for helping them. You can find my app, themes in several works of other developers, because everyone who asked nicely, I gave them permission.

I have plans to support other devices, but at the moment, I don’t think that they are achievable in the near future. The first and basic obstacle is time. I simply don’t have enough time to support other phone models. I would like to, but it’s not doable at the moment. Also, I would need actual models to work with, and test the app on. If I focus solely on doing this, then I would be able to make app, themes, rom for other popular models.

Ofcourse, there is always room for improvement. I’ve started learning how to make apps for Android, so one day, maybe you will find my work on Google Play, which is my desire, due to limited facilities at the moment, i can't upload to Google Play. To the users of my themes & apps, I would also like to provide an apps that goes alongside it, and I already have an idea for it, but I won’t discover what it is, let it be a mystery for now.

Rizal Lovins

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