Xperia Z3 LOVINS ROM for Xperia V is being closer to release

Dear Xperia V users

Long time ago, i promise to give you an update of my ROM Called "LOVINS ROM" and now progress ROM is now life again, i'm sorry too long, but now is being closer to release, i want to give something different, stability, performance and brings newer Xperia Z3 Apps to our Xperia V.

This ROM is still in BETA testing "Incomplete" there is some apps that really hard to fix at this moment, also i am very busy with my study.

There is some apps still Work In Progress :

1. Xperia Home (Fix the line in statusbar)
2. SystemUI Z3 (Still FC)
3. Clock Widget Z3 (Fix Notification FC in first boot)

Changelog LOVINS Z3 ROM :

1. Updated All SONY Apps
2. Updated framework
3. Fix some wrong hex id in SystemUI
4. Removed Bravia Engine 2
5. Bring X-Reality & Super Vivid
6. Newer Camera AddOn
7. Updated Google Apps
8. Cleaning up library that not used anymore
9. And many more to come


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